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RKC 2016 Nationals February 25th, 2017
Pre-registration will NOT require PRE-PAYMENT is made BEFORE February 1, 2017.
ALL Pre-registrations made AFTER February 1, 2017 will REQUIRE PRE-PAYMENT
Booth Fees- Pipe & Drape
$100.00 for each 10x10 ring side space
$75.00 for each 10x10
Feel free to bring your 10x10 pop up tents to hang your banners.
Vendor Booths $150.00
A 50% Deposit is required to hold ANY booth space. Payment due in Full FEBRUARY 1, 2017.
Booth payments can be made by going to
Entrance- $20 Per Person
Kids- 12 & under FREE
Parking- Free
Doors open at 9:00am
Registration Begins at 9:30am
Show Begins at 11:30am.
RKC Classes $25 pre-registration ONLY
Show #1- TBD
American Pit Bull Terriers- Classic & Standard,
American Bully- Standard (including 3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m), Pocket, Extreme, XL, Classic, Champions, Grand Champions, BOB & BIS

The RKC Debuts New Website, Makes Online Registration Simple
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The Pinnacle of Pedigree™ and The Functional Dog Philosophy™”

The Remy Kennel Club, “The place where one person can make a difference, one person at a time."

               The Remy Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity, respect, and support for one another, as well as the promotion of functional dogs. The RKC places emphasis not solely on a dog’s appearance, rather on dog’s that are the “Pinnacle of their Pedigrees™”. Dogs that look and perform equally, the embodiment of our Functional Dog Philosophy™.

                RKC Functional

The Remy Kennel Club has always promoted the “Functional Dog”, “Home of the Functional American Bully.” A friend shared a quote with me the other day, “Pedigree indicates what the animal should be. Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be and Performance indicates what the animal actually is.” A simple sentiment with profound meaning.

The RKC has now elaborated on our functional dog and adopted a complete “Functional Dog Philosophy™” through expanded events and programs.  As a departure from other registries that place emphasis solely on a dog’s appearance, RKC will place emphasis on dog’s that are the “Pinnacle of their Pedigrees™”. Dogs that look and perform equally, the embodiment of our Functional Dog Philosophy™.

As an international registry we expanded to offer programs encouraging responsible dog ownership, and positive canine bond building. Performance based sports, nurture instinct and heritage while commemorating the virtue of our pedigrees. Working with a dog not only cements the timeless proverb, that our canine companions are “man’s best friend”, but also benefits a dog’s mental attitude as well as physical well-being.

RKC Breed Standard

We are proud to announce our new Bully Breed Ambassador™ (BBA & BBA-A) title based programs. The BBA title certifies that dogs have the training and behaviors needed to be reliable, well-behaved members of their families, communities and combat the bullying of our beloved bully breeds. 

A 10-part exam highlighting basic manners and obedience, dogs test with their handlers to earn first their Bully Breed Ambassador and then the Bully Breed Ambassador Advance titles.

Additional programs added to celebrate our “Functional Dog Philosophy ™” beyond our new Bully Breed Ambassador™” (BBA & BBA-A) include Weight-Pull, Vertical Wall, Slat Mill Racing, Drag Racing, Tug-of-War, Hang-time, Obedience trials, Lure Coursing and Dock Diving with plans for future expansion.

With an integral part of our mission being to promote responsible dog ownership and positive canine bond building within our community, we are happy to offer our performance program to all dogs! In addition to purebred dogs registered with the Remy Kennel Club, we are granting Limited Registration, or Performance Passports ™ to breeds the RKC does not register, mix bred dogs, dogs of unknown pedigree, purebred dogs with disqualifying faults and spayed or neutered dogs. Dogs with Performance Passports™ may compete in all RKC Performance Events and Junior Showmanship.

The Remy Kennel Club’s Conformation Events where pedigree meets performance rounds out the Functional Dog Philosophy™. At RKC dog shows, the emphasis is on the DOG, not the SHOW. The environment is family friendly, open, fun, educational and competitive, while maintaining a degree of difficulty to preserve the integrity of the sport. 

RKC events and titles are attainable accomplishments for every owner while still respected by the veteran sportsman. RKC encourages camaraderie, mentorship and open communication to aid in the bond between owners and their dogs, as well as the community. This is proven by our success and growth across the country and is palpable at all of our events. 

Participants find the environment to a great degree, devoid of the pressure and disappointment experienced in similar events provided by other organizations. Competitors are supportive of one another, working together as whole with one unanimous and collective goal, the betterment of the breed. 



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2. Fill out our online form below and mail in a COPY of the FRONT and INSIDE pages of your pedigree (3 generations+) and mail it to the address above along with a check or you can submit payment via paypal.


Thank you for Choosing the RKC! When you register your dogs with us, you're not just a number.. you're part of the family. 

Welcome to the Remy Kennel Club!

We’re continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to educate our community, better our breed, and of course enjoy the exciting world of competitive dog sports. Our employees and partners have continued to meet the challenges of our field. Essentially, it is our firm belief that the right balance between performance and conformation results in true proven pedigrees, with healthier and happier dogs. We are excited to start sharing Functional Dog Philosophy™ with our growing number of dedicated patrons. We are proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed.


Fabian Chichester

Printable Literature:

Bully Breed Ambassador brochure 06_05_2016

RKC Bully Breed Ambassador BBA Scoring Guide 06_05_2016 

General Information About the Bully Breed Ambassador Program 

Welcome to the Remy Kennel Club Bully Breed Ambassador (BBA) program. The BBA Program is a two part program that is designed to 1) teach responsible dog ownership to owners and 2) certify dogs that have the training and behaviors needed to be reliable, well-behaved members of their families, communities and combat the bullying of our beloved bully breeds! An RKC approved evaluator, before deciding that a dog has passed the Bully Breed Ambassador Test, you should consider if the dog is under good control and appears safe around people and other dogs.

The purpose of the BBA Program is to ensure that our favorite companion, the dog, can be a respected member of the community because it has been trained to be well-behaved in the home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. The BBA Program welcomes dogs with both full and limited registration rights and privileges. The BBA Test is noncompetitive and dogs are not required to perform with the same precision required in formal obedience.

Dogs that pass all 10 items of the BBA test, are listed in the BBA records at the Remy Kennel Club. Owners of dogs that pass all 10 items of the BBA test will receive an official Bully Breed Ambassador Title Certificate from the Remy Kennel Club. The Title will also be reflected on your dog’s pedigree within the registry for dogs with full registration rights and privileges.

A Bully Breed Ambassador Evaluator, must assume responsibility for conducting the test according to the RKC protocol. Evaluators should ensure that each participant has an experience that is positive, educational, and fun. Handlers may talk to their dogs throughout the test and the atmosphere should be relaxed. Praise should be given to dogs throughout the test, and you may need to remind handlers who are nervous to reassure their dogs with praise, smiles, hugs and pats. The BBA Evaluator is an RKC Representative, it’s important to note the way a BBA test is conducted, and the interaction with participants, may determine if a dog owner will become involved in dog training and activities in the future.

Thank you very much for helping us assure that Remy Kennel Club dogs will always be welcome and respected members of our communities.

- Fabian Chichester

Passing your Bully Breed Ambassador Exam and Earning your BBA Title 

Scoring Specific Test Items General instructions: 

The test protocol as set forth in this Evaluator Guide should be followed. Handlers may talk to their dogs throughout the test. Evaluators should encourage the test to be fun and, if necessary, handlers should be reminded to praise their dogs. Evaluators can remind handlers to communicate with their dogs (“Tell him what you want him to do”) during the test. 

Evaluators should not make the test easier by eliminating test items, nor should they require the participant to perform at a higher level than the test requires in order to pass. For example, an evaluator should not, in the name of “having high standards” require during testing that the dogs complete the exercise off-lead in order to pass the BBA test. However, instructors may choose to give the test at any point and may require that students have a higher level of training before the test is given.

The BBA TEST consists of 10 skills needed by all well-mannered dogs.

All of the exercises are done on a leash. For more details and expanded descriptions of the exercises above, and how the BBA Test is administered, see the following section below.

Equipment- You’ll need to bring your dog’s brush or comb to the CGC test. In the BBA test, dogs must wear a buckle collar or no slip collar.

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger

This test demonstrates a dog will allow a friendly stranger to approach it and allow the friendly stranger to engage in conversation with the handler in a very casual everyday encounter.

Test 2: Sit Well Mannered for petting

This test item demonstrates that the dog will allow a friendly stranger to touch it while it is out with its handler.

Test 3: Appearance and Grooming

This test item demonstrates a dog will welcome being groomed & examined such as a veterinarian, groomer, or friend of the owner. This test also demonstrates the owner’s care, concern and sense of responsibility.

Test 4: Walking on a Loose Lead
This test item demonstrates the control a handler has over a dog while walking on a leash.

Test 5: Walking Through a Crowd
This test item demonstrates that the dog’s ability to move through a crowd as you would find on any pedestrian sidewalk or event, comfortably and politely under complete control.

Test 6: Sit, Down and Stay on Command
This test item demonstrates a dog basic obedience skills. The dog should demonstrate that when the handlers instructs him/her to sit and down, & demonstrate a stay position, until released. The dog needs to show a complete understanding of: Sit, Down & Stay (in either a sit or a down position)

Test 7: Recall on Command
The dog will come when called by the handler. The handler will walk 20 feet from the dog, turn to face the dog, & call the dog.

Test 8: Reaction to Another Dog
This test item shows that a dog can behave politely around other dogs (this behavior is especially important in dog show settings). This test calls for two handlers & their dogs, the handlers are to walk up to each other from a distance of approx15 feet. The handlers are to then stop, shake hands and exchange greetings and then continue walking

Test 9: Reaction to Distractions
This test demonstrates a dog’s confidence when faced with common distracting situations.

Test 10: Supervised Separation
This test demonstrates that a dog can be left in the presence of a trusted person and will maintain its training and good manners while the owner goes out of sight for 3 minutes